Turkey's Door to the World: HOMETEX

Hometex, which is the second largest fair of the home textile industry in the world, is also one of the most rooted fairs in Turkey. The 26th Hometex Fair, which has been held steadily for 25 years and is a gateway from Turkey to the world, will be held on May 17-21 this year.

Turkey, which draws attention with its qualified production, fast supply and rich raw material resources, is the primary choice of many countries in the world, especially in Europe, in terms of textiles. The contribution of the home textile industry, which is one of the most basic subproduct groups of the textile and ready-made clothing industry, to this success is undeniable. Today, Turkey is one of the first countries that come to mind in the world markets, especially when it comes to home textiles. Of course, Hometex Home Textiles and Accessories Fair is one of the biggest supporters of this success that Turkey has achieved in the home textile industry. Hometex Fair, which stands out with the support it provides to the foreign trade of home textile manufacturers, also makes a significant contribution to the promotion of the Turkish home textile industry abroad.

Hometex, which is the second largest fair of the home textile industry in the world, is also one of the most rooted fairs in Turkey. The 26th Hometex Fair, which has been held steadily for 25 years and is a gateway from Turkey to the world, will be held on May 17-21 this year. The fair, organized by the Turkish Home Textile Industrialists and Businessmen Association (TETSIAD) and the Global Fair Agency (KFA Fair Organization), will take place at the Yesilköy Istanbul Expo Center, in its place that hasn't changed for years.


Hometex Home Textiles and Accessories Fair, which will host the world's leading textile companies in the home textile sector; It will host one of the biggest textile gatherings of Europe, Gulf Countries, Russia, CIS, Middle East and Africa. Importers and exporters, manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers, chain stores, designers, interior architects, decorators, visitors from all over the world, who are the decision mechanism of the hotel, accommodation and hospital sectors, the quality of the Turkish home textile sector, which stands out in the global market, and its wide product range will meet at Hometex with fast delivery and solutions. The fair also; It also offers excellent opportunities to manufacturers who want to directly introduce trending products and technologies that emphasize innovation and design to their target audience, conduct market research, customer analysis and expand their business networks.

Being one of the most ideal addresses for B2B sector meetings that have come to the fore in recent years, the fair is preparing to bring a brand new direction and a different experience to the dynamics of the sector. Hometex; In line with its design, technology and sustainability strategies, it will strengthen the image of Turkey, which has a strong vision in the home textile industry, as a producer country with innovative and innovative design. Beyond being a unique resource about trends and designs in the textile world, the fair, where world-renowned expert speakers, inspiring tips and trend areas will take place, is preparing to enable Turkish textiles' design, production and trend-setting ability to reach a global dimension.


TETSIAD, which has carried out very successful fairs and organizations in the home textile sector before, hosts the doyens, designers and opinion leaders who have shaped the world home textile sector at the Hometex Fair, which it has been organizing for 25 years. Hometex, which produces in the home textile industry and has become the meeting point of the world's leading home textile and accessory companies, is an organization that can meet all needs with its wide product range. From curtains, curtain accessories and upholstery fabric to decorative products; The fair, which includes everything from bedroom, sleep textile and bathroom products to wall and floor coverings, from contract solutions to accessories, draws attention to the wide product profile it offers to exhibitors and visitors.

Hometex Fair integrates with TETSIAD's 25 years of experience and KFA Fair's professional system, and will bring together 2.5 billion potential buyers from Turkey and abroad to establish new collaborations in Istanbul, which is a three-hour flight away from the world's major markets.


TETSIAD President Hasan Hüseyin Bayram, who said that the HOMETEX Home Textile and Accessories Fair, which they will continue with their new partner KFA Fair Organization, will mark the year 2022, and said, "Export, which is one of the most important components of our economy, supports our sustainable development and also plays an important role in the promotion of our country to the world. It is obvious that if we can support this promotion through branding, our future will be much clearer. We need to read the strategic steps to be taken, especially in order to maintain our leading position in the world in home textiles, and even to be the most critical actor. We hear the green transformation bells ringing all over the world, and it is very important that we can produce at the standards of the EU countries, which we export to and are our most important commercial partners. We can make people smile by spreading the growth we will experience in our sector to the whole country's economy, with the increase in the support given to the sectors that assumed a decisive role in 2022, and that directly reflected the success achieved in export rates by producing high value added to the country's economy, and with the diversification of producer-friendly policies. We know that we will work with the same determination and determination, and we believe that we will mark 2022 with the Hometex Fair, which we will hold on May 17-21, 2022 at the Istanbul Expo Center in the organization of KFA Fair Organization. We can already see that a much brighter future awaits us after the new doors to be opened for our sector representatives.”


· To strengthen corporate prestige and image at the fair where the giants of the sector took part.

· Expanding your customer network by doing market research and customer analysis.

· All innovations in the home textile sector; To dominate the dynamics of the sector by seeing and closely examining trending products, designs and technologies.

· To have the opportunity to establish new collaborations by meeting with over a thousand companies.

· To have the opportunity to meet and have one-on-one meetings with the leaders of the sector, world brands and all institutions and organizations operating in the home textile sector.

· To strengthen and expand the business network in the sector.

· Being aware of the latest developments in the market and thus predicting the future of the market.