Code of Business Ethics

TETSIAD Members;

  • Should not harm others and the industry with the services and products they provide.
  • Should not exhibit deceptive behaviors by making misleading statements and promotion about the commercial and financial status of themselves or other's.
  • Should present their services and products in a fair and correct manner. They should not inflict material or moral damage on their customers or their stakeholders in the industry.
  • Should bear the responsibility of the products and services they provide, and they should not avoid doing whatever is necessary to eliminate the damage resulting from the production, sale, and use of such products and services.
  • Should respect the intellectual property rights of the members of the association and the stakeholders; they should avoid actions which might violate design rights.
  • Should not contact the personnel who is working at the other members of the association in order to gain advantage, or should not exhibit unethical actions to instigate them.
  • Should act in an honest and transparent manner in all their dealings with the other stakeholders of the industry. They should follow the rules of goodwill and act as a prudent merchant.
  • Should keep their promises and perform their undertakings
  • Should obey the rule of law.

All registered members of the association and all institutions and persons who will become hereafter undertake to follow the Code of Business Ethics which was accepted at the General Assembly held on 27 June 2013 and which is summarized above.