Quality Policy

Quality Policy

  1. To work in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 Standards and Quality Management System conditions,
  2. To continuously improve the Quality Management system with the participation of all employees
  3. To achieve member satisfaction by adopting a customer-oriented approach
  4. To follow the developments in Turkish Home Textile Industry closely and help the industry develop, to improve it continuously

Our Mission and Vision

  1. To promote the Turkish Home Textile sector in the most effective manner both at home and abroad and turn the Turkish Home Textile into a worldwide brand.
  2. To establish standards for the sector which are in compliance with world standards. Ensure compliance with those standards. Survey production to ensure compliance with standards and submit reports on the issuance of quality documents.
  3. Contact and collaborate with international associations and organisations to protect the rights of the sector and the country in world markets and ensure successful representation. Establish representation and branches abroad as necessary. Join international associations and umbrella organisations.
  4. Ensure honest and precautious practises in the sector and the trade.
  5. Take effective measures to fight against unfair competition and counterfeiting.
  6. Ensure that professional problems get solved on a healthy and permanent basis. If necessary, form and put into practise an arbitration board which will be approved as a problem solving centre for the sector.
  7. Engage in activities which will advance the Turkish Home Textile sector further.
  8. Develop professional and social solidarity among the members of the association.
  9. Come up with solutions for the staff problems in the sector. Organise educational activities for this purpose. Establish educational organisations, courses and reward scholarships to people who need it.
  10. Fulfil members' requests on all matters and help in solving their problems.
  11. Promote the Turkish Home Textile market and its companies in the international arena.
  12. Reinforce the communications network among the Turkish Home Textile industrialists and businessmen.
  13. Identify the problems of the Turkish Home Textile market, find solutions and ensure their sustainability.
  14. Create more productive business opportunities for the members
  15. Become part of the decision making processes of the sector, train sectoral representatives and make sure they are appropriately equipped.
  16. Avail the sector and the country of the power the association represents
  17. Have a say in the future of the Turkish Home Textile sector.
  18. Find new markets and develop strategies to become effective in those markets.
  19. Keep abreast of world developments, consumer preferences and fashion trends, and plan activities based on these.
  20. Follow up on those steps taken for creating brands and support the companies in the Turkish home textile sector in their endeavour to create brands.
  21. Conduct market research, keep abreast of developing technology and announce related developments to its members, establish contacts with associations founded for the same purpose at home and abroad and exchange information.

To Achieve these ends, TETSIAD engages in the following activities;

  1. Organises fairs at home and abroad or participates in or supports these kinds of organisations, informs its members accordingly.
  2. Organises seminars, conferences, panels and symposiums, opens exhibitions.
  3. Keeps abreast of the sectoral developments and innovations on an international level and informs the members accordingly
  4. Publishes magazines, bulletins, brochures and catalogues at home and abroad to promote the sector.
  5. Provides for communication in the electronic environment. Makes sure the members benefit from this opportunity and acts as intermediary in their correspondences.
  6. Creates e-commerce opportunities by publishing the goods and services announcements coming from Turkey or abroad.
  7. May purchase, rent or sell real estate or securities. Establishes social facilities, encourages the foundation of cooperatives.
  8. May found economic enterprises.
  9. Maintains records of those who are active in the home textile sector and those who are in contact with them.
  10. Collaborates with other associations and umbrella organisations in the country. In order to achieve the common objective, it may form platforms, join federations or confederations of legal entity formed by associations. .
  11. Intervenes at the level of administrative authorities relating to those matters which concern all or part of the members. Takes part in case of conflicts. May participate in seminars and exhibitions organised abroad or may organise such activities. May invite members of international associations to these kinds of events organised in Turkey.
  12. Acts as a referee in case of conflict among its members