About Tetsiad

The Turkish Home Textile Sector has roots which have been entrenched in a tradition dating back thousands of years. The sector is based on the cultural legacy formed by many civilisations which have been flourished in Anatolia for thousands of years. It has established an undeniable presence in the international arena byhaving transitioned to mechanical production and developing its technology since the seventies,. By the booming of exports since 1980, the sector has been accepted in all world markets.

The sector has started to organise itself as a non-governmental organisation as of 1991, complied with existing global settlements and has been regocnized by being represented in many international organisations.

At the moment where we are now, under the name of the Association of Turkish Home Textile Industrialists and Businessmen, the organization has been improved by reaching to thousand members and become the sole representative of the sector.

Departing from the motto "the only thing which is not changed is the change itself”, our association is a firm believer in the fact that the only way for organisations to survive is to adapt to change and make progress. Accordingly, we will be advancing along our chosen path each and every step of the way and reinforce our association in accordance with what is going on around the world.

In the future, the association will continue its integration with international organisations on a more comprehensive manner and organise many events at home and abroad. The voice of Turkish Home Textile will be heard in the most powerful way.

Our most basic objectives are to increase the number of our companies who are active in the international area as home textile brands, to claim our place in world showcases with more brands of our own, penetrate on all the continents by making more people to buy our products for their houses.

The Turkish Home Textile sector will register increasing growth with the synergy that has been gained as a result of the unification. Thanks to the quality and the positioning of the sector worldwide, Turkish Home Textile will further enhance its producer country image with new brands and continue being an indispensable country in this sector.