Hometextile Industry completed 2021 at the top

Producing higher quality, more different and innovative products compared to its competitors, Turkey is increasing its export power in terms of home textile sector day by day. The exports of the home textile industry, which closed 2021 with a record increase in exports, reached 3 billion 124 million 209 thousand dollars with an increase of 25.49 percent compared to 2020.

Today, Turkey is one of the first countries that come to mind in the world markets, especially when it comes to home textiles. With its high quality and fast production, advanced industry, richness in raw material source and advantageous position in terms of logistics, it has a successful graphic in the global market, especially in textile and ready-made clothing. The home textile industry, which is one of the subbranches of the textile and ready-made clothing industries that contributes the most to the country in terms of exports, is also a part of this global success chart. Being one of the largest home textile manufacturers in the world, along with China and India, Turkey is also the largest exporter in Europe.

When we look at the point we are at today, it is seen that there is a great demand for Turkish products that offer high quality in all areas from production to promotion, from quality to marketing.

Producing higher quality, more different and innovative products compared to its competitors, Turkey is increasing its export power in terms of home textile sector day by day.


According to the data announced by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey's general exports in 2021 increased by 24.9 percent and reached 22.3 billion dollars. Textile is among the sectors that make the biggest contribution to overall exports. Turkey, the world's fifth largest textile exporter, broke a historical record by exporting 12.9 billion dollars worth of textiles with an increase of 33.2 in 2021. The sector, which achieved an increase in exports in approximately 85 percent of the more than

200 countries and regions it exports to, reached the highest monthly export data of all time by realizing an export of 1.2 billion dollars in December with an increase of 18.2 percent compared to the same period of the previous year.

The home textile industry, which is one of the most successful basic product groups of the Turkish textile industry, also closed 2021 with an increase in exports. The exports realized by the representatives of the home textile sector last year reached 3 billion 124 million 209 thousand dollars with an increase of 25.49 percent compared to 2020. The sector exported the most to Germany and home textile exports from Turkey to Germany rose from 480 million 467 thousand dollars to 514 million 748 thousand dollars. The United States (USA) took the second place with anexport figure of 412 million 852 thousand dollars, while the UK took the third place with 160 million 393 thousand dollars. The exports of the home textile industry to Germany, the USA and the UK in 2021 constituted 34.82 percent of the total home textile exports.

Among the top 10 other countries, France received products worth of 153 million 129 thousand dollars, Italy received products worth of 145 million 55 thousand dollars, Netherlands received products worth of 143 million 531 thousand dollars, Belarus received products worth of 92 million 181 thousand dollars, Poland received products worth of 88 million 424 thousand dollars, Bulgaria received products worth of 86 million 412 thousand dollars and Israel received products worth of 78 million 973 thousand dollars.


Towels, one of the most important product groups with a serious potential in the home textile industry, were among the top contributors to the industry in 2021. Turkish towel, which has no rival in the world in terms of quality, raw material and design, and whose reputation exceeds the borders, is one of the leading home textile products exported by the sector representatives. Towels, one of Turkey's strategic export items, showed a very successful performance in 2021 and rose to 772 million 796 thousand dollars with an increase of 28.17 percent compared to 2020.

In the evaluation of sub-product groups of the sector, bed linen took the second place after towels. Bed linen exports in 2021 increased from 565 million 660 thousand dollars to 656 million 857 thousand dollars. In the third place on the basis of product group, curtain fabric took the third place with the export figure rising from 269 million 474 thousand dollars to 339 million 288 thousand dollars.


TETSIAD President Hasan Hüseyin Bayram, who pointed out that despite the increasing input costs, the representatives of the home textile sector did not deviate from the export route and said, "The fluctuation in the foreign exchange we experienced in 2021 caused problems in all sectors. Because hyperactivity always points to an unpredictable picture. It is very important to calculate the production costs well and to be able to plan their investments in a predictable environment for the exporter, who makes up a large part of our home textile industry and supports the growth of our country's economy with its high value-added production. While the instability in exchange rates threatened the investment and planning climate, it also increased our input costs by constantly raising the prices of raw materials. However, as always, we witnessed the devoted work of our industrialists. Despite the negative climate in the world, we broke new records by increasing our growth and export figures with the significant contributions of our exporters. We are one of the important actors in the world in the field of home textiles, which comes to mind especially when value added production is mentioned. With our export value per kilogram above the country average, we are constantly increasing our contribution to our sustainable economy. If we want our global competitiveness not to be broken here, there are two issues that we need to focus on: branding and green production.”


Emphasizing that 200 countries and regions were exported in 2021 in the annual export evaluation, ITHIB President Ahmet Öksüz said, "Our exports have increased in approximately 85% of the countries we export to. We broke the historical record of the republic in exports to Europe, America,

Asia, African Continents and Turkic Republics. We realized the highest textile export of all time to 96 countries and regions. One of the most pleasing developments for our industry was experienced in our exports to the USA. In 2021, we exported 839 million dollars worth of exports to the USA, which

is one of our biggest target markets. We have been steadily increasing our exports to the USA in the last three years. In 2022, we expect to export more than 1 billion dollars to the USA. The countries to which we exported the most in 2022 were Italy with an increase of 52.5 percent, Germany with an increase of 11.2 percent and the USA with an increase of 33.7 percent, respectively. In 2021, our exports to the European Union countries, our biggest export market, increased by 33.8 percent and amounted to approximately 6 billion dollars. In 2021, home textiles worth 3.1 billion dollars and knitted fabrics worth 2.1 billion dollars were exported. We have reached the highest export levels of all time in our home textile and knit fabric sectors. It has been noted that home textile imports of the European Union (EU), which is our biggest export market, is above 10 percent. We foresee that our exports to the EU will reach 7.5 billion dollars in 2022.”