Hometextile Industry became one voice for Hometex

Turkish Home Textile Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (TETSIAD) held the first of its Member Meetings in Bursa, one of the castle cities of the home textile industry. In the event held on October 25, it was decided that the industry would show its strength with the strong participation to the "HOMETEX Home Textile and Accessories Fair” to be held at the Istanbul Expo Center on May 17-21. In the event where the messages of unity and togetherness were given; it was emphasized that the sector representatives and foreign procurement committees will have an intense and strong participation in the fair, which will take place in May.

TETSIAD, which has been organizing one of the world's two largest home textile fairs for 25 years, decided to continue on its way this year, undeterred by the great injustice experienced by the organizer company's unlawful postponement decision. Announcing that it continues to carry out the HOMETEX Fair with a new vision by cooperating with the Global Fair Agency (KFA), TETSIAD Board of Directors gave information about both the unfair situation experienced by the association and the HOMETEX Fair that will take place in May. Member Meetings event held by TETSIAD Board of Directors in Bursa brought together the representatives of the home textile industry in Bursa.


TETSIAD Chairman of the Board Hasan Hüseyin Bayram, who noted that they have been holding the organization, one of the two largest home textile fairs in the world for 25 years, with stronger participation every year and added, "We parted ways with the organizer company and its affiliate. From now on, we will continue on our way with the Global Fair Agency (KFA), a subsidiary of BTSO. Together with KFA, we will organize our fair, which will be held on 17-21 May 2022, more strongly as "HOMETEX Home Textiles and Accessories Fair”. Today, the future of our industry is brighter and more promising than yesterday. On behalf of our industry, I would like to thank Ibrahim Burkay, Chairman of the BTSO Board of Directors, and Sekib Avdagiç, the President of the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO), and all the business World representatives, who have always supported us in getting us to this point.”


Emphasizing that the HOMETEX fair, which brings the home textile industry together under the leadership of TETSIAD for 25 years, has become one of the most prestigious organizations in the world in the field of home and living space textiles, BTSO Chairman of the Board Ibrahim Burkay said, "After the negative process that started with the pandemic, the bottleneck that the company organizing the fair fell into was in September, dragged the fair to be organized into a dead end. At this point, as a result of the initiatives of TETSIAD Board of Directors, both to rent the fair area with ITO President Sekip Avdagiç, and to get KFA Fair Organization company involved with us, we also took responsibility. I would like to share the good news that our fair, which we plan to continue to organize with the HOMETEX brand in consultation with the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey, is officially included in the fair calendar. With the protocol signed by TETSIAD and BTSO Global Fair Agency, TETSIAD will have equal rights with KFA Fairs and will jointly organize the HOMETEX Fair.