Turkish Quality in Hometextile

Turkish home textile, Europe's number one world's fourth exporter and producer has an economic value of 10 billion USD including the domestic market. Besides the illegal export of 5 billion USD, it has also an import of 2 billion USD. Being one of the rare sectors in Turkey with current surplus, home textile is placed within the first five exporters in the global market of95 USD. While exporting to 172 countries in total, it is among the best producers in the world with its product quality. Turkey, while being a worldwide brand in home textile, has also some regional brands. At the top of these brands is Denizli.

The rise of home textile tissues

In 2018, the exports of Turkish home textile and raw material showed an increase of 4% and reached 10,5 USD. On the other hand during the period of January-December2018, the export of home textile tissues had an increase of 2,1% and had a value of 477 million USD. During the January-October 2019 period this value has been 340 million USD. Upon studying export goods within 2018, it can be seen that as the most important export product curtain drapery, has reached 337 million USD with an increase of 4,6%. Again the same group of products has an export of 238 million USD during January-October 2019.

The exports in upholstery fabric, the second important group in home textile reached in January-December 2018126 million USD and it was in January-October 2019 around89 million USD. With an increase of10,3% exports in towel reached 15 million USD in the towel category of crispate tissues. During the January-October 2019 period the exports reached with 13 million USD an increase of 4.4% in the same group of goods.

Home Textile exports continue its path with increase

While in 2018 the home textile export was about 1,9 billion USD, during January- October 2019 it reached 1,5 billion USD.

When taking product groups into consideration in home textile exports, the exports of the most important product group which is the towel and cleaning cloths was 645 million USD in 2018. The share of this product group in the total home textile exports was so 34,3%. In the January-October 2019 period the same product group realized an export of 503,7 million USD and its share in the total exports Was 32,9%.

In bed sheets, the second important group of goods an exportation of 518 million USD was realized in 2018. This product group Constituted 27,5% of the total exports. It reached, with an increase of 7,1%, 449 million USD in January-October 2019 period. Its share in the whole home textile export has been 29,4%.

Countries steering our exports

The most important country in home textile export in 2018 was Germany. The value of exports of this sector to Germany during this period was around 403 million USD, with a share of 21,4% in global exports. In the period of January-October 2019 there has been an export of 339,2 million USD with an increase of 4,5% to the same country. In 2018, an export of 241 million USD was realized to the USA the second most important country in home textile export. Its share to the global export was 12,8%. In the period of January-October 2019 period with an increase of 3,3% and around 209,5 USD was USA again the second most important exports country. While in 2018 exports to the EU countries, which account for 61,3% of the global home textile exports was 1,1 billion USD, in January-October 2019 period this amount was around 896,7 million USD; 58,7% of home textile exports. On the other hand with 9,6% Spain and with 21,5% Romania stood out in 2018. In January-October 2019 the rising stars were Iraq with 14% and Germany with 4,5%.